High School

High School

9 – 12 Grade

7 Subjects


The Explorer Level draws on superior world literature, engaging students in enjoyable reading experiences that not only delight them but also reinforce the skills of critical reading, comprehension, and language arts.


Bible series. Essential to the mission of Christian schools — which is preparing children and young people for living the Christian life — is guiding students to become grounded in and shaped by God’s Word. The Bible is the foundation of Christian schooling! (9-10 Grade, 4 series) Let God Be God, Mastering Bible Study Skills, Connecting with God, Journeying with God.


Visual and Performing Arts: Design, Seramic, Music, Choir, Film, and More.


Algebra, Calculus, Data Science, Statistics and Probability, Transition to College Math and Statistics


English as a foreign language is developed to provide flexibility to meet the unique needs of many student groups. The children will learn English in engaging and creative ways — through songs and chants, vivid color pictures, and many fun and age-appropriate activities.

Total Health

Christian High Schools need a health textbook that is biblical as well as scientific. The ToTal Health curriculum provides Students with a thoroughly biblical, scientifically accurate, and easy-to-use health textbook that will clearly inspire students to make wise





Environmental Science

History / Social Science

US & World History, Ancient Civilization, Asian Studies, Geography, Principles of American Democracy.


Language other than English: American Sign Language, Spanish, Korean, French.

AP Courses

College Preparatory Electives


Predicts Performance on the ACT. Provides predicted score ranges for both the PreACT and the ACT subject and composite scores.

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